01 May 2019

5 tips for environmentally conscious classic car owners

Classic cars are, by their nature, timeless vehicles. They’re not suited for people who always want the newest thing but rather appeal to those who can appreciate quality and history. Due to this, owning a classic car is sometimes seen as incompatible with a progressive, environmentally-friendly mindset. Of course, this is an unfair assumption, as more and more classic car owners are adopting a greener attitude towards car ownership.

Owning a classic car and being environmentally conscious are not mutually exclusive, and there are several small adjustments owners can make to ensure they can enjoy their vintage motor while still living a green lifestyle. Here are five ways classic car owners can reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously getting the most out of their prized possessions.



Obviously, all classic car owners know the importance of maintaining your car, but it’s about more than just keeping your vehicle working and looking sharp. A well-maintained car is an efficient car, and an efficient car is one that uses less petrol and reduces its emissions output. Keeping your engine well-tuned and changing the oil every 6-12 months will help your car be more energy efficient. You should also make sure your tyres are in good condition and, crucially, inflated to the correct level. This will not only make your car more energy efficient but will also make it safer to drive.



Unnecessary weight in your car drains your petrol over time. Do you really need that set of golf clubs lying in your boot at all times? Isn’t it time you removed the suitcase that’s been sat in there since your last holiday? It’s only small incremental savings, but by simply emptying your classic car of unnecessary heavy items can make it more fuel efficient, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Obviously, you shouldn’t take out the essentials like the spare wheel or any minor maintenance gear you might need like a jack, but having a clean boot can make a difference in the long run. Plus, you now have space available when you really need it!



We know it’s hardly at the top of the ‘must have’ list when buying a classic car, but it isn’t as hard as you think to find a vintage vehicle that gets good mileage. If you’re looking for your first classic car, consider some Japanese and European models from the 1970s – these are known for the good fuel efficiency. The Porsche 912, Datsun 510 and the BMW 510 are all recommended by Popular Mechanics as cars which, due to their smaller engines and lightweight chassis, are all relatively fuel-efficient.



Driving a classic car should be thought about in the same way you would your favourite food. It’s fine to enjoy it every now and then, but if you use it/eat it every day the excitement will soon disappear. By trying to reduce the amount of short everyday journeys you make in your classic car, such as popping down to the newsagents, you’ll not only save on petrol but will also begin to appreciate your vehicle as a special treat rather than just a functional piece of your life. This is also a far more eco-friendly approach to owning a classic car. Plus, opting to walk or cycle to the shops each day instead of driving is good for your health, so it’s a win-win-win situation!



One of the most important aspects of owning a classic car is to keep it looking its best. Water waste and polluting local environments through car washing is becoming a huge problem for car owners in the UK, with up to 300 litres of water used per vehicle with a standard professional wash.

There are solutions to both of these problems though. Companies such as Dropless.co.uk  offer a waterless car washing service by using a unique water-free cleaning solution. This both saves massive amounts of water and prevents any wastewater polluting your local area or draining into your garden. The Dropless cleaners also come to your home (or wherever your car lives) on bicycles to carry out the cleaning, so you’ll save further on petrol.

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