12 October 2018

BookAclassic Meets The Father of The Ferrari F40

Modena, Italy is known for many fine things with an exquisite medieval history it boasts a 12th-century Romanesque cathedral which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It also produces the best condiments, any foodie worth their salt will be aware of Aceto Balsamico di Modena. Am I forgetting something? Oh yes, it is also the home of the supercar with Ferrari and Maserati both homed in the city. Aswell as this Lamborghini and Pagani are all within 18 miles of each other in this region of Italy called Emilia-Romagna. If that wasn’t enough motorcycle enthusiasts will know that there is Ducati, a further 10 miles down the road in Borgo Panigale, just outside Bologna. This is certainly the place where classic car and modern supercar fans can come together and enjoy the cream of the crop.


Modena Motor Gallery


Naturally, when the opportunity arose for BookAclassic to attend the sixth edition of the “Modena Motor Gallery” we did not have to think long. It was great to see so many passionate classic car owners and enthusiasts at one event and there is no doubting the affinity that Italians have with these iconic motors.


This year’s event was made extra special owing to the fact it was celebrating 120 years since the birth of Enzo Ferrari. There was a special exhibition space dedicated to the Father of Ferrari which had a life-size hologram projection of Enzo in one of his last interviews.


Another highlight was the static exhibition to Carlo Abarth, a name synonymous with high performance, great sporting moments and cars steeped in history. The Fiat Abarth, in particular, has become synonymous with high octane driving and we saw a beautiful edition at the festival. We have another stunning version on our platform so be sure to check that out here!



Nicola Materazzi


Undoubtedly though for BookAclassic, the best moment of the festival came when our Country Manager, Roberto, met Nicola Materazzi, the mastermind behind the Ferrari F40 and the man responsible for the Lancia Stratos, Ferrari Testarossa and Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione. Quite the CV! Now 79, the ‘engineer’ as he was known is winding down but we had to try not to blush when meeting such classic car royalty.


The exhibition itself and one that we implore any classic car aficionados to go visit, alongside the beautiful city we saw a range of stunning classics, BMW’s, Lancias you name it!




Here at BookAclassic, we see ourselves as dream enablers, our concept has enabled thousands of customers to experience the cars they have always dreamed of driving. Our attendance at such shows allows us to see first hand the joy that classic cars bring people, with the worlds largest collection of unique and classic cars we know that no dream is too big!


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