12 December 2013

This is what happens when you buy too many cars - Top Gear

A nice problem to have, but let this serve as a warning to you all: this is what happens when your love of cars gets out of control. Everything pictured here - and more - is the property of Roger Dudding and his son, Guy.

Roger was a mechanical engineer in the navy before he returned home to make his fortune developing queue management systems (remember the little paper things you’d tear off at the Waitrose Deli counter? That’s Roger). He also liked cars. Lots of cars. In fact, he’s done his utmost not to actually sell one. Which is why he developed this place - a 1920’s coach garage in a top-secret location just off the B556 in Potters Bar. The doors will soon be opening to the public, but we thought we’d pop along first for a gander at the 100-strong (and growing) collection. And then ask you to choose your favourite (click the Facebook like button to let us know, we’re interested)…



Source: This is what happens when you buy too many cars - Top Gear

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