13 June 2019

Interview With A Racing driver – Miki Biasion

In the second edition of the series, we speak to Miki Biasion two-time World Rally champion.

Coming to prominence in the 1980s winning the Italian and European rally championships, arguably his peak came in 1988 and ’89.  Winning a momentous three-quarters of all events entered Miki won the World Rally Championships both years cementing his place in history.

These days Miki can be seen at various race meets across Italy and Europe and is an ambassador for some great organisations and brand such as Laureus and Abarth.


BookAclassic: Favourite Classic Car & Why?

Miki Biasion: The Lancia Stratos, when I saw it during the rallies, I instantly fell in love with them.

BAC: What is the best road you have ever driven?

MB: The Apennine stretch of the Serravalle motorway, which has wonderful curves and what now feels like many years ago, was not very congested.

BAC: I travelled it when it was covered with snow and the police allowed the passage only for cars that were equipped with snow tires.

MB: A policeman checked me and I told him that my car was a 4WD Lancia Delta equipped with snow tires and I was ... Miki Biasion. He let me pass and I had a lot of fun!

BAC: What was the highlight of your career?

MB: In addition to the two World Rally Championships I won, the moment that I remember with most fondness is when I won the Safari Rally in 1988 with the Lancia Delta. This was the first time for the Fiat Group, and  one of my favourite memories for two reasons.

Firstly, I was both the driver and the tester of the car, as I spent three months in Kenya for the tests before the race. Secondly, prior to that year, the Fiat Group made many attempts to win that race with many types of cars: Fiat 124, Lancia Fulvia, Lancia Stratos, Fiat 131 and Lancia 037 therefore winning gave me a lot of satisfaction.

BAC: Do you miss the thrill of competitive rallying or are you pleased it is in the past?

MB: I do not miss the thrill of the competitions because I believe that you must live in the moment. When I raced I had the “performance anxiety” and every race was an exam for me, so I never fully enjoyed the victories because after them I immediately thought about the next race. Now that I have left the competitions, I fully enjoy the victories and the results I achieved.

BAC: If you were not a rally driver what would you be?

MB: Architect, because I inherited from my father a building and restoration company that I managed at the end of my career.

BAC: If you could have dinner with 3 Icons of motoring who would they be?

MB: Niki Lauda, Jean-Marie Balestre, Gilles Villeneuve.


Miki Biasion & Country Manager Roberto

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