28 April 2017

Why you should restore an old Ferrari

As you may appreciate, old classics aren’t growing in numbers. As years progress, there will be less classics available as many get stored away, some lost to accidents and some just sit there and deteriorate. One thing is for sure, once they’re lost, they’re not coming back.

Now, should you make it a mission in restoring what they call the pinnacle of motoring? Well, most classics set the path to what we now call cars. In particular, lets look at classic Ferrari’s. Enzo Ferrari created many memorable cars, like the 250 GTO worth a cool $55 million dollars, 275 GTB, 330 GTC, 288 GTO, F40 and last but not least the Dino 246, just to name a few.

There’s a certain excitement behind restoring and preserving a classic car, that is, you relive the excitement that it would’ve provided the first owner. Now for me to portray that excitement in words is quite difficult, it is a feeling that needs to be seen and possibly felt in ones lifetime.

Restoration projects can be tough, but there is a sense of euphoria recreating something that 20 years from now will be enjoyed by the young (and us young at heart), as a piece of history representing a time and place of an era long gone.

Source: Reasons why you should restore an old Ferrari 

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