14 November 2018

Vehicle Owner Spotlight: Meet Garry

For our first edition of Vehicle Owner Spotlight we were lucky enough to speak to Garry Gore, proud owner of an immaculate 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air  Sport Coupe which is believed to be the only one of its kind in Europe! We had the pleasure of seeing it up close and Personal at the recent Regent Street Motor Show and it was certainly one of the stars with people getting photos all day long.


A Car For All Occasions

Garry has had his vehicle on BookAclassic for just over a year now and has completed a wide range of weird and wonderful jobs. From an Indian wedding to helping ex-Manchester United legend Patrice Evra dance the day away filming some content for his personal Instagram.

We chatted to Garry to hear his story about how he acquired his Chevy.

I acquired ‘Peggy Sue’ back in 2012 when I bought a home in Cape Coral Florida, it was a choice between a classic car or a Harley Davidson, one of which I’ve owned in the UK since 1992. Since the roads in Florida are flat with no real scenery compared to what we see in Europe the decision was made to go for a classic car & I looked on the internet to find something suitable. I came across my Chevrolet being advertised from Fabulous Fifties Motor Company on behalf of the owner up in Oregon and it caught my eye as not only was she born the same year as me but was in amazing condition having been extensively restored between 1995 & 1998 after having been found in a scrapyard. Dave Faller was the previous owner & attended a lot of car shows over the years he owned the car & she won nearly 50 trophies for him. I arranged to have the car inspected and then purchased the car & had it shipped down to my villa in Florida where she spent the next 5 years with me using her whenever I came over to the house. We sold the villa last year and decided to bring the car over to the UK. She arrived on Aug 17 and I’ve done about 3000 miles since going to classic car shows, general driving around & the odd job.

What has been your favourite job with BAC?

I enjoy all the jobs I’ve been booked for through BAC although my favourites are the weddings as it’s nice to share in somebody’s big day & the car is always much appreciated by all who see her.

If someone were to offer you 1 more classic for free what would you choose?

If I owned another Classic car I would go for a late 50’s Thunderbird.

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