11 August 2017

Weird and Unusual Cars

Our roads are filled with cars that look very usual to us, most of which can rarely catch our attention. This implies that, if you want to stand out in the crowd, and show off your financial status or personality, you have to own an absolutely unique, something very crazy. To enlighten you about such cars, here is a list of the most weirdest and unusual car designs ever made. It’s likely you have never seen such a list anywhere else and pretty sure you will be captivated by it.

1. Messerschmitt KR200

Photo credit: mad4wheels.com
Photo credit: mad4wheels.com

Produced from the mid-1950s to 1964, this German made tiny car is popularly known as the Cabin Scooter by it lovers. By the time of its production, this KR200 had a curb and featured a teeny 191cc while it weight just 500lbs or more.

2. Stout Scarab

Photo credit: http://mycarquest.com/
Photo credit: mycarquest.com

Manufactured in the 1930s and early 40s by William Stout, a former executive at Ford Motors, the Stout Scarab is a product of the American Automotive Engineering. In addition to being considered innovative, the Stout Scarab was also one of the first vehicles to have an independent coil spring suspension on all of its four corner.

3. BMW Isetta

Photo credit: bright-cars.com
Photo credit: bright-cars.com

Originally manufactured in Italy by Iso S.p.A, the single cylinder microcar was has had many other different manufacturers outside Italy including automotive companies in Brazil, Germany, France and the U.K. the BMW version of the car was became more popular and managed to sell over 160,000 automobiles in the 6 years production span.

4. NAMI Okhta

Photo credit: scalecar.eu
Photo credit: scalecar.eu

In 1986-87 at the Leningrad Laboratory of Advanced Prototyping of Light Vehicles by NAMI (the Central Automobile Research Institute), USSR, the Okhta was built. The seven seater automobile was special in its own way. While its front seat could rotate at 180�, its rear seat could be folded into a handy table and the third and second seat rows were removable.

5. Davis Divan

Photo credit: petrolicious.com
Photo credit: petrolicious.com

This  three wheeled automobile was produced by Davis Motor Company of Los Angeles in the 1940s, an auto company that produced only 13 vehicles before it collapsed after only one year of existence. Glen Davies was the genius behind the invention of the car. Before its collapse, the company had received over 300 preorders of the car worth $1,500,000.

6. Heinkel Kabine

Photo credit: wheelsage.org
Photo credit: wheelsage.org

Manufactured by the German aircraft manufacturers Heinkel in between 1956 and 1958, the four-stroke, single door microcar Heinkel Kabine is an example of what you are likely to get when an aircraft manufacturer decides to produce a car.

7. Peel P50

Photo credit: garage-little.com
Photo credit: garage-little.com

With even no enough space for reverse mechanism, and with the driver having to maneuver the car manually, Peel P50 was originally advertised to have a one person capacity as it was the smallest of all the microcars. With only 27 original models believed to exist, the P50s costs in excess of six figures whenever it appears in auction partly because of its novel appearance.

8. ETV (Electric Super Car)

Photo credit: byffer.blogspot.com
Photo credit: byffer.blogspot.com

Designed by entrepreneur Mike Vetter of Micco FI, this unique kit Extra-Terrestrial vehicle (ETV) is either a love or hate automobile. The kit-car is extremely unique in appearance and hence worthy of in this list.

9. Amphicar Model 770

Photo credit: unusual-cars.com
Photo credit: unusual-cars.com

This is one vehicle that was creatively made many years ahead of its time. The car actually portrayed the potential creativity in the auto industry. The uniqueness of the Amphicar Model 770 is the ability to drive on water…….yes to move on real water.

10. Tramontana R

Photo credit: drive-hard.com
Photo credit: drive-hard.com

Like any other super-sport car, the R as its popularly known was designed not only for racing, but also for real world driving. For you to own it, you must be rich as well as lucky because only 12 of its kind are produced each year. Worth to mention its staggering $500,000 starting price.

11. Phantom Corsair

Photo credit: remarkablecars.com
Photo credit: remarkablecars.com

This vehicle model represents the genius in Rust Heinz, the heir to Heinz food processing Company. Despite its 21st century looks, the original plans and prototypes dates back to early 1900s. The designer aimed at producing something very unique. Unfortunately enough, Rust died in July 1939 before mass production of the vehicle took place.

12. Dream Car 123: the pyramid electric car

Photo credit: zapcar.ru
Photo credit: zapcar.ru

Weighing 8,000 pounds, and with the look of the Egyptian pyramids, the Dream Car 123 runs on electricity with a 3.5 hours charge propelling this outfitted tank-like automobile for up to240 miles at a speed of 40mph. Greg Zanis, the Dream Car 123’s inventor has built the car’s tower garage to harvest solar and wind power for recharging it.

13. Mattrack Truck: the skiing car

Photo credit:
Photo credit: mattracks.com

The car is standard like any other with only its wheels being replaced by mattrack belts. The replacement was done by the Mattrack Company. The company can do the same on any other 4×4 vehicle of any size and weight. With the short mattrack belts, the car can travel anywhere except in instances where the snow gets too deep, in which case longer belts would be required.

14. Peugeot Capsule: an escape pod car

Photo credit: 4x4magazine.blogspot.com
Photo credit: 4x4magazine.blogspot.com

Like never before, the Alp Germaner has designed the Escape pod to take you off road. This one passenger, off-road, electric car is inspired by the KLR 650 motorbike. Complete with GPS and LCD screens which doubles as rear view mirrors and full-time internet connectivity, the vehicle also has enough space for your luggage for a weekend off.

15. Thrust SSC

Photo credit: motorsportnationals.com
Photo credit: motorsportnationals.com

Powered by two 25,000lb thrust Roll Royce 205 Turbojet engines, the Thrust SSC has power similar to 145 Formula 1 cars. It weighs 10 tons and travels at a maximum speed of 766 mph.

16. Bigfoot: World’s Biggest Monster Truck

Photo credit: thethrottle.com
Photo credit: thethrottle.com

Is the world’s biggest and heaviest truck. It’s made of the 1966 Ford F250 pickup body and has 460cu inch V8 power. The monster trucks weighs 28,000lbs and is 15ft 6 inches tall.

17. World’s Longest Limousine

Photo credit: laughterizer.weebly.com
Photo credit: laughterizer.weebly.com

With a total length of 100 feet, the limo is the world’s longest of its kind. It has 26 tires, room for a lot of passengers, a heated Jacuzzi, sun deck, swimming pool and a few beds

18. Buick LeSabre Modern

Photo credit: mojomotors.com
Photo credit: mojomotors.com

With the unique appearance of the 1951 LeSabre, many consider it the most iconic show cars of that decade. The was designed by Harley Earl whose inspiration is the jet engine

19. The Citicar

Photo credit: topclassiccarsforsale.com
Photo credit: topclassiccarsforsale.com

Was the most produced electrical car in USA history before its production was toppled by Tesla Roadster. However, its official production stopped 34 years before being overtaken. It has a wheelbase of 63 inches and a total of 95 inches vehicle length.

20. The 1957 Aurora

Photo credit: steelhorsemag.com
Photo credit: steelhorsemag.com

Was designed by Father Alfred Juliano, a Catholic priest who, before becoming a father was a car designer. The production collapsed due to bankruptcy in 1957. However, many of its features still exist.

21. 1960 Pininfarina X

Photo credit: barrett-jackson.com
Photo credit: barrett-jackson.com

Created by the Italian coach-builder Pininfarina, the X was inspired by space race. The X is by far the most sought after. Recently at the Barrett Jackson auto auction, one sold for over $300,000.

Source: The 22 Weirdest and Most Unusual Cars Ever Made

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