29 January 2020

What’s your classic car called?

We’ve all heard of Herbie, Chitty and General Lee… but naming your classic car isn’t just for Hollywood.

 As we all know, cars, especially classic cars, ooze personality so it is only natural that one of your most prized possessions is treated as one of the family and given a name. That’s why many of our BookAclassic owners have given their vehicle a name of their own.

So we’re calling for car lovers to share the story behind the name of your vehicles. Were you inspired by the colour, speed, look of or performance of the car, or perhaps the car reminds you of someone or something?

Many celebrities have been motivated to name their cars. Richard Hammond became so attached to the little 1963 Opel Kadett which he drove filming Top Gear’s Botswana Special that he took it home and named it Oliver. Barack Obama called his imposing Presidential car, Cadillac One, The Beast, and David Beckham’s Jeep is fondly known as Jeepers Creepers. Beyonce’s Jaguar is named Honey Bee and Paris Hilton called her pink Bentley Miss Penelope, after the Thunderbirds character.

“All cars have personality so it is only natural for them to be given names. My own little yellow Vespa, the scooter which inspired me to start BookAclassic, is called Bertha, says our founder Claus Stig Christensen.

Why not tell us your car’s name and the story behind it? Post a photo with #whatsyourclassiccarcalled on social media and tag @BookAclassic to get involved in the conversation.

“We have over 5500 fascinating and fun cars available for hire”, says Claus. “From an exact replica of Herbie, The Love Bug, to Peggy Sue, a beautiful 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport, we know some of our car owners have named their cars, but we are looking forward to finding out more – from the crazy to the cute, #whatsyourclassiccarcalled ?”

We can’t wait to find out!

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