Classic and vintage bus hire

Classic and vintage bus hire for weddings and events

Classic and vintage bus hire for your wedding, party or company event? Classic and vintage cars have proved to be extremely popular recently for weddings and other festive events. But not everyone realises that it's equally possible to hire classic and vintage buses for such events. Indeed, these types of vehicles are more fun in many ways, not least because they can accommodate an entire group of guests.

A trip in a classic party bus might typically feature music from the era, glasses of champagne and plenty of stops along the way to add colour and variety to the day. Maybe including a picnic or reception at a spot of your choosing?

Classic bus hire means room for everyone

Does the nostalgic charm of a 70s VW bus appeal to you? Or perhaps a classic London double-decker bus might be more appropriate for your party or company event? BookAclassic offer a wide selection of classic buses with up to 35 seats plus additional standing places.

It probably goes without saying that a vintage bus serves as a great backdrop to photos of a party or wedding. They come in all sorts of fun shapes and colours lend themselves ideally to decoration for a themed party or wedding.

VWs are always a good choice

If you like nostalgia and 70's charm, VWs are always a good choice. The original VW Westfalia Camper is equipped with a refrigerator, sink, table and beautiful curtains. VW's often makes an apperance at weddings and never disappoints. Some VW's can be rented as 'self-drive' where you can get into driver's seat yourself and take romantic trips into the blue. Just the two of you alone in the world in an old VW.

Booking couldn’t be simpler

Browse through our selection of classic and vintage buses for hire and add the icing on the cake to your big day. Booking is handled swiftly and easily through our online booking system. Simply choose your favourite car or bus and enter the required information to get an immediate quote.

Either book straightaway or feel free to ask us for advice. We're ready to assist you with expert guidance based on years of experience in the rental of vintage cars and classic buses. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the most fitting and exclusive bus for your event. But don’t wait too long - vintage buses are in high demand for weddings and other festivities.

If you're more interested in cars or other vehicles, we also have a great range of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Lincoln, Mercedes and Cadillacs. Take a look at the range, there’s something for every taste.

Browse through our range of classic and vintage bus hire for weddings and events. It’s a guaranteed way to make your wedding or event an experience to remember for many years to come.

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