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About Us

BookAclassic is the leading online booking portal for rental of classic and vintage vehicles. We are the world’s fastest growing platform for retro vehicles that never go out of style!

Our objective is to make BookAclassic the preferred booking site for classic vehicles worldwide. And we’re well on our way. Our efficient service and straightforward online booking system are bringing in more customers every day.

BookAclassic offers the most extensive online collection of classic and vintage vehicles for private and corporate events, film productions, commercials, fairs and museums.

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Life is too short for boring cars

BookAclassic was brought into the world because we’d had enough of characterless, dull and boringly practical vehicles. We’re here to raise awareness of classic vehicles with soul, class and charisma and breathe new life into them. We want to share our enthusiasm and passion for gorgeous and elegant classic cars and fill the roads with beautiful and sexy vehicles!

British company with Danish roots

BookAclassic is the brainchild of an innovative Danish entrepreneur and passionate car enthusiast. The concept has proved to be highly successful in Scandinavia and we’re now branching further across Europe with the goal of becoming the preferred booking site for classic vehicles worldwide.

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