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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a classic or vintage car that you'd like to hire out for events and assignments such as weddings, photo shoots or film productions? If so, you’ve come to the right place! All you need to do is register your vehicle onto our secure booking platform for free; there are no costs, obligations or binding contracts and you’re free to decline any assignments that don't interest you.

For the individual with an exciting vehicle

Do you own a classic vehicle and would like to receive bookings for exciting events, productions or assignments? Then BookAclassic is the right place. BookAclassic has facilitated the booking of countless classic vehicles to a host of film and commercial productions, and in the process has provided vehicle owners with memorable and fun experiences, not to mention a bit of extra cash in the bank. Our platform showcases cars of all types: iconic, vintage, classic, exclusive and exotic cars to be hired for all types of events: weddings, parties and special exhibitions as well as motorcycles and scooters for retail showrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Supplier of vehicles for films, music videos and advertisements

We supply vehicles for the film industry, events companies and photographers across the country. BookAclassic has arranged exclusive vehicles for several films, music videos and advertisements where the vehicle owners have enjoyed a great experience and benefited financially in the process.

Professional services

BookAclassic is continuously looking for professional limousine companies across the world that wish to make the most of their fleet. We receive many enquiries relating to business, VIP transport and wedding car hire for which your limousine service would be ideally suited. Our aim is to work in partnership with all the established limousine and bus companies worldwide. It is completely free to register and showcase your vehicles on BookAclassic.

Secure platform

Every enquiry comes directly through us and your vehicle remains strictly anonymous on our website. When you accept a booking request, we take care of all the details. The customer pays a booking fee to confirm their commitment, which also acts as our commission. Once you have accepted a booking request, we put you in direct contact with the customer so that you can liaise directly for any further details.

You must be the owner of a vintage car or other classic vehicle which is at least 25 years old. We also gladly accept limousines, modern luxury cars, sports cars or other vehicles under 25 years old with a special, iconic or exotic appearance. Assuming the vehicle is to be used for driving purposes, it must be in good condition and both fully registered and insured. It must also have undergone a recent MOT and service demonstrating that it has no significant defects or malfunctions.

To register your vehicle, simply click on ‘list your car’ on the top of this page to create an account, and follow the instructions to set up your free vehicle profile. Once you have entered some details of your car, you will be asked to upload photographs. Make sure you upload as many as possible, preferably in daylight and from different angles/inside. You will then be able to choose the types of bookings you would like to receive. You have three main types of hire: Chauffeured, Self Drive, Commercial (video and photo shoots). You can then set the prices for the types of hire you have chosen.

Active period

Many vehicles aren't suitable for driving during the winter. When registering you can define the period in the year in which the vehicle is available.

We have made a handy user guide you can find here: VEHICLE REGISTRATION GUIDE

To update a vehicle's profile, sign in to your dashboard, select the vehicle you'd like to update and click 'edit information'. You can check out our handy dashboard user guide here: OWNER DASHBOARD USER GUIDE

When a customer makes a booking request on your vehicle you'll receive an email and text message with the details of the assignment. If you want to accept it, you’ll need to accept the booking request within 24 hours. After 24 hours our system will automatically try to identify an alternative vehicle for the customer.

Once the booking is accepted, we will give you the contact details of the customer so that you can discuss the finer details of the hire directly with them. Should you have any questions prior to accepting, our customer service is always on hand to help!

Can you say ‘No thanks’?

The short answer is 'Yes'. When a customer wants to book your vehicle, you'll receive an email and text message with details of the assignment. It is entirely up to you which bookings you accept but it's important that you reply as soon as possible so that the customer isn't encouraged to start looking for an alternative vehicle. Keep your acceptance rate high by accepting booking requests.

You can check out our useful booking process guide here: BOOKING PROCESS GUIDE FOR OWNERS

How are quotes calculated?

Our booking system allows for quotes to be calculated instantly for any car. When registering your vehicle, you choose the types of hire you wish to offer. There are three main types of hire: Chauffeured, Commercial and Self Drive. You will be asked to enter your rates for the types of hire you choose to offer: an hourly rate for Chauffeured hire, and a daily rate for Self Drive or Commercial hire. The calculations are made as follows:

Chauffeured hire & hourly Commercial hire:

The hourly rate entered for chauffeured hire is applied to the total time of the event: including the time needed for the drive to and from the event pick up and drop off locations. You will be asked to enter a minimum price (usually set at 2x the hourly rate). This same calculation is used for hourly commercial hire.  

Self Drive hire and Commercial daily hire:

For self drive hire, the daily rate entered is applied to the number of days of hire. You can add a delivery option, where you will be asked to enter a delivery fee (cost per kilometre/miles). The calculated price for delivery to the location entered by the customer will be added to the rental price. The same calculation is used for daily commercial hire. 

Booking Fee

BookAclassic deduct a booking fee of 20% from the total calculated booking price, so when entering your prices, the system will show you how much you will earn on the price entered. Do note that around 50 to 70% of this commission will be used towards advertising your vehicle. 

When a new booking request is made on your car via BookAclassic, the price sent to you in the booking request is the amount you will earn on the booking (the booking fee is paid to us by the customer). The booking fee acts as our commission and confirms the customer's commitment to booking your vehicle.

You can check out our handy quote calculation guide here: BOOKACLASSIC QUOTE CALCULATION GUIDE

BookAclassic has two types of payment processes. You can enquire with our team to find out which payment type is available in your country. 

Part payment

When a customer books your vehicle, the booking fee is paid at the time of booking. The booking fee acts as our commission and confirms the customer's commitment to booking your vehicle. Your payment (the price sent in the booking request) is to be paid to you directly by the customer. 


Full payment

When a customer books your vehicle, the total price of hire is paid at the time of booking. Your payment is then paid to you, by us, within a week after the event has taken place. 

When you register your vehicle with BookAclassic we require contact information such as your name, address, email and mobile number. This information is for internal use only and will not be forwarded to others. BookAclassic takes security very seriously, and will not reveal the vehicle's identity, disclose the registration number or parking details to any interested parties. All photos of vehicles uploaded to our platform will automatically have the registration plates covered. Additionally, the profile will not show the vehicle’s exact location, and instead only show the general region to protect the owner's privacy and prevent theft.

Arrive in good time at the agreed address and show off your vehicle at its best. The vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand, both inside and out. It’s important to contact the customer in advance to confirm details such as pick-up time and expected travel time. You should also confirm any expectations relating to dress/uniform if booked for chauffeured hire and any decoration of the vehicle.

Inspecting the vehicle

It's a good idea to give the customer the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before the assignment where they can view documentation such as insurance, registration of the vehicle, MOT and so forth.

What if the vehicle fails?

If your vehicle is inoperative or needs unexpected repair on the day of the booking, you should immediately inform both the customer and BookAclassic. We then have the opportunity to help the customer to find another vehicle. You can also offer the customer an alternative solution if you're in a position to do so. However, if the offer isn't to the customer's satisfaction, they have the right to cancel their order. If the assignment has already been paid for, the payment shall be refunded to the customer.


If you fail to show up for an assignment without advance warning or good reason, your vehicle will be removed immediately from our website. You must also refund any payments you have received as quickly as possible.


BookAclassic is solely a booking portal between owners and renters of classic vehicles. BookAclassic only takes responsibility for the dissemination of contact between owner and renters. BookAclassic has no financial or legal responsibility for the use of the rented vehicle, the vehicle’s condition, or any defects or damages incurred to it.

To read our car owner Terms and Conditions, click here


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