Worldwide Wedding Car Hire

Vintage and classic car rental for weddings and parties

Worldwide wedding car hire. Renting a classic or vintage wedding car will make your big day extra special, wherever you are in the world. It’s the perfect way to celebrate one of life’s great moments and give you lifelong memories full of pride and joy.

The perfect wedding party

Do you want a springtime wedding party under bright birch trees? A wedding in sparkling summer blossom? An autumn marriage surrounded by warm, deep colours? Or a winter wedding on glistening white plains?

The possibilities go on and on. And at BookAclassic we do our utmost to make your wedding an experience to remember with exclusive worldwide wedding car hire.

Wedding transport with a dedicated bridal car

Our experience shows that a wedding car is every bit as important a component of a wedding as the church, wedding dress and rings. It's also a feature that is appreciated and remembered by many for years to come.

When you order a vintage or classic car with us for your wedding drive, you can rest assured that the celebration is in the best possible hands. You can simply relax and focus on enjoying the moment without having to worry about anything at all.

Wedding cars in a class of their own

At BookAclassic we specialise in unique wedding cars from all over the world including stunning Cadillacs and Ferraris amongst many other classic models such as Ford, Maserati and Chevrolet. We also have a large variety of regal British wedding cars from classic brands such as Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce. Whatever type of car you want for your wedding, whether it's in the United States, Europe or elsewhere in the world, we’ll do our utmost to deliver.

Pink Cadillac for the wedding drive?

If it’s American limousines and wedding cars you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. BookAclassic can supply the very best in American classic car rental.

We have a large selection of American limousines and other classic American cars. You can select one of the long modern limousines from classic marques such as Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler, or a classic American model from the likes of Ford, Pink Cadillac, Mustang, Chevrolet and Bel Air. And if you have a special wish for your wedding car rental, just ask.

Exclusive worldwide wedding car hire – here’s how it works

There's nothing quite as romantic as coming out of the church or town hall to be collected by an elegantly dressed chauffeur with a beautiful classic car or snappy sports car. Just imagine how thrilled your guests will be to get the opportunity to take pictures of you posing as newlyweds with your stylish car. The entire wedding congregation will be treated to a delightful view of the bride and groom reclining in sumptuous leather seats whilst raising a glass of champagne to their new life together.

Your chauffeur will make sure that the wedding drive is a truly idyllic experience. He'll start by arranging for the photographer to take some artistic pictures of you both in front of your classy wedding car. Then he'll treat you to a romantically sedate trip through the prettiest roads, stopping along the way to take pictures at beautiful spots which have special significance for you.

What's more, the wedding drive typically includes a glass of fresh sparkling champagne for you both to enjoy during your trip. Some drivers offer this as part of their service, while others ask you to provide for this yourself. Whatever the case, you certainly shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to toast the most romantic moment of your lives with a celebratory glass of bubbly.

Wedding cars provide an idyllic backdrop to your photo album

Being driven from the church or town hall in a lovely vintage car creates the most beautifully romantic atmosphere. Vintage and pre-war cars have been frequently used for wedding driving since they are delightfully photogenic and create lovely pictures with a special kind of charm.

No wedding is a complete experience without many wonderful pictures, and it's common for photographers to use wedding cars as a backdrop when taking photos of the newly married couple. It's a great way to add yet further colour to the romantic atmosphere of the big day.

Nothing compliments the beauty and dignity of a wedding as well as a majestic Jaguar or Rolls-Royce wedding car. Deluxe and sumptuous leather seats, shining car ornamentation and a proudly gleaming bonnet are all winning contenders for stylish and colourful festive pictures.

Self-drive cars for weddings

If you don’t want to hire a private chauffeur, there are a number of options for renting out self-drive wedding cars. You can choose from a range of exciting special cars that are ideally suited to wedding driving. Or you could browse through our range sports cars if you want to go for a slightly more modern look. Having said that, it’s really important that you familiarise yourself with the car before driving away from the church or town hall. It's undoubtedly an impressive sight to exit the church or town hall and slide into a wonderful red Ferrari. But if you can’t match the finesse of the image with smooth and relaxed control, the desired effect could be spoilt.

Get a great price for your wedding car hire right away

You can immediately get a quote for any wedding car you choose at BookAclassic. You just have to enter a few bits of information and choose a car. Don’t be afraid to ask us about these conditions or other details - we're ready to answer any questions you have and help guide you towards finding the best solution for your wedding. We've been supplying classic cars for all sorts of events across the world for years so we know what we're talking about! We want nothing more than to guarantee you the wedding of a lifetime. So take a look at our extensive selection of cars for worldwide wedding car hire and realise your dreams of an unforgettable and unique wedding!

Find the perfect solution for your wedding drive here with us - we guarantee that your search won't be in vain! Click through our range of vehicles for worldwide wedding car hire and ensure that your wedding is an unforgettable and truly unique experience.

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