03 January 2022

BookAclassic's 2021 Top UK Owners

With the eventful year of 2021 come to an end, we wanted to give a big thanks to all the owners who have stuck with us. Our dream has always been to keep vintage, unique and classic cars on the road by giving owners the opportunity to showcase and involve their cars in various fun experiences through BookAclassic.

We wanted to give a special shout out to the following owners who have gone above and beyond, and who have given us a few words of their experiences with BookAclassic bookings this year.

Titus, owner of this sleek dark blue Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, which holds the Antique Automobile Club of America Preservation Award and the Mercedes Benz Club of America Silver Star for Originality.

"2021 was a year of terrific BookAclassic bookings. All enjoyable with happy clients but the most memorable I've listed below:

- As the car has a very large panoramic sunroof a BookAclassic customer wanted to drive around central London, looking up through the sunroof at Londons iconic & beautiful architecture.

- Jack and Sienna’s wedding in London with their wedding guests following in a Red London Routemaster bus.

- An Indian Ocean themed wedding where the car had to drive over and crush customary coconuts as a practice to bring good luck to the happy couple. No problem for the 2 and a half tonne Classic Mercedes!"

MG A hire for weddings and events

Devi, owner of this stunning red 1957 MG A.

“I am so grateful to BookAclassic for giving me the opportunity to share my passion for classic cars with others. She has been hired out for weddings, honeymoons, first dates, birthdays and more. It’s wonderful to think of the role she has played at pivotal moments in people’s lives. All of the logistics have been made so easy by BookAclassic for which I am most grateful.”

hire a chevrolet for wedding and events hire

Garry, proud owner of Peggy Sue, the beautiful Chevrolet Bel Air that is a fan favourite of wedding couples.

"I had some really nice bookings through BookAclassic in 2021, weddings are always a lot of fun and Peggy Sue was much appreciated by all the happy couples and their guests! It’s lovely sharing her and being a special part of their happy day. The booking process is easy and the fees help to pay her annual running cost and help me keep her in lovely condition."

Mercedes-Benz gold for classic car hire

Amanda H, owner of a fleet of 14 exceptional classics, ranging from a golden 1973 Mercedes-Benz W108 to a 1980 BMW E12!

“We have found BookAclassic a really easy site to navigate to our list cars, and it’s really useful that interested hirers can message us so we’re all on the same page before they commit.

BookAclassic always pay promptly too; another great reason we love working with them…!"

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