27 February 2020

BookAclassic's origins story & the perks of the classic car sharing economy

"Yes, it is possible! If you buy the right model you can be looking at paying back your classic car in 3–5 years!

Let’s start with “what its all about” and then explain it afterwards!

Erik Nielsen from Denmark made a car profile for his Pre-war Chevrolet on the BookAclassic homepage and just a few days later he received his first assignment with his vintage car. Erik Nielsen explains “I’ve had so many great experiences with my Chevrolet since I registered. And now it’s even paid for itself!”. Erik Nielsen makes the most of his adventures with his classic car, instead of it getting dusty in his garage. Erik’s car has been used as a backdrop in a Gatsby theme party. “My car was making money while I was invited to join the party and had a great time playing a gangster”. And this is a story repeated by classic car owners that have discovered that their classic can make them an income as well as great experiences.

Sharing makes sense for everybody

The Share Economy boom has made many people look differently at their boats, camper vans, flats and houses and even their Classic cars. Just 10 years ago almost no one would consider giving their keys to their house to a stranger, or hiring out their boats to somebody they did not know. The same goes for classic cars. If you would’ve asked a classic car owner whether you could rent his classic — he would have thought you were crazy. This has all changed with the share economy ideology and the new platforms that have popped up. Now people have warmed to the idea of sharing their flats, boats or classic cars.

I have shared my Jaguar with success and have made it into a living. Back in the 1999 age 29, I fell in love with a Jaguar MKII that had been parked at a garage for several years. I spent all my savings buying it and “forgot” that it needed maintenance and updates. But I was happy and thought: I will make it up as I go. I soon discovered that it was not only me that loved the lines and style of the Jaguar MKII model. When parking it in town people came up to me asking whether they could rent for all kind of events. Some years later I had paid back the Jaguar and at the same time had lots of great adventures with my classic while paying it back."

Text taken from the original article available here:


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