19 May 2022

Owner Spotlight: Jaguar Enthusiast and Austin Cambridge Nostalgia with David

We caught up with David who shared some background on his 3 classics and his experience with BookAclassic.

- Why did you register with BookAclassic?

I thought it would be fun to do and extra cash would help pay for the car costs.

Jaguar XK140 Drophead Coupe

- How many cars do you own and how did you come to own them?

I own 4 cars. One is my modern everyday car and the other 3 are classics, namely a 1959 Jaguar XK150 2-seater Drophead Coupe, a 1956 Austin Cambridge 4-seater family saloon and a 1956 Jaguar XK140 2-seater Drophead Coupe.

I've been a Jaguar enthusiast for many years but about 12 years ago I discovered this Austin Cambridge languishing unloved in a workshop. It was identical in every way to the car I had learnt to drive on and took to university with me 55 years ago. Nostalgia won the day so I bought it. The interior is perfect but completely original including that “old car smell”. I brought the mechanics and exterior up to “as new’ condition and now it's my all-time favourite car. Maximum speed is 60mph but it's incredibly comfortable with column gear change and a front bench seat. We all live in a fast moving world but this car is the perfect antidote! My original vehicle was actually the family car and in 1960 we were on the then newly opened M1 motorway going on holiday, fully loaded up with a trunk on the roof rack. With no speed limit in those days my father decided to “put his foot down to see what she could do". Foot to the floor we eventually reached 70mph and all shouted with excitement. 2 minutes later we noticed steam coming from under the bonnet and a strange smell! - we’d blown the engine up! Happily my present Austin Cambridge is very healthy!

- What is your experience of doing a booking through BookAclassic?

From a vehicle owner’s perspective the Bookaclassic experience so far has been excellent.  It’s easy to use and well thought through.  I joined mainly for the fun of using and sharing my classic cars (although the fee also helps with maintenance costs).  My first booking was a wedding last Saturday.   It was a perfect summer’s day and my 1956 Austin Cambridge looked and drove at its best.  The bride and her family were lovely people and we had a very enjoyable conversation during the 45 minute trip from her home to the wedding venue.  In total I drove 140 miles, including an all-motorway return journey without any overheating issues.  It was amusing on the motorway at a steady 55-60mph with everyone overtaking and admiring the car.  Actually I did momentarily touch my fastest ever 70mph on a downhill stretch!  Altogether it was a thoroughly happy and fun day.

- What is your favourite thing about the ​BookAclassic Platform?

It has been absolutely excellent in every way. The platform is easy to use, the communication process with the customer is simple and straight forward and payment is prompt as promised.

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