31 May 2018

Why a Jaguar E-type makes a great wedding car

The Jaguar E-type is an iconic car that has been coveted by many for years. Its sleek looks, unparalleled design and British engineering make it a popular car here on BookAclassic.

The E-type also makes for great wedding car hire and there are a number of options for those of you considering one for your special day.

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Chauffeured wedding E-type

This is an option for brides and grooms who will be arriving at the wedding venue alone (or with the rest of the wedding party in tow in a Jaguar mkII, perhaps).

This is a fantastic way to make an entrance and the photos will look spectacular. With the roof down on an E-type, your photographer can get fantastic shots as you approach as well as when you’re stepping out of the car.

Self-drive E-type

If you were inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, driving away from their wedding reception in a Jaguar E-type, you’re in luck.

Say no to a traditional wedding and drive yourself to the venue. Not only is this a great photo opportunity for you and the person you love (or a best man/bridesmaid) but you get to drive an E-type too.

You should make the most of it too, don’t just drive the five minutes from hotel to the ceremony. Take your time and enjoy the rumble of an iconic classic car, just don’t don’t be late.

Wedding photos with a classic car

For brides, there’s the chance for the photos to look very spectacular, especially if you have a veil. Speak to your photographer and chauffeur about some slow-moving shots that will have the wind in your hair. This kind of movement in a photo really brings it to life.

You should also opt for a few posed shots by the car with your new husband/wife. With such good looks, it’d be silly not to. If you’ve been able to find a car that matches your wedding’s theme, it’s going to look perfect at the front of your photo album.

About the E-type

Built in Britain between 1961 and 1975, the E-type was based on the famous Jaguar D-Type race car. At the time of its launch, Enzo Ferrari called it, “the most beautiful car ever made.” We’d have to agree!

It’ll do 0-60 in just under seven seconds, so it’s pretty quick for a classic car. The Series 1 model was the first to be built and is one of the rarest. There are a few configurations of E-type available, for weddings you’ll probably want the roadster version, for top-down fun but there’s a coupe version available too.

You may also find the 2+2 version. This has two smaller seats in the back and while it might be a little cramped, it’s a good option if you want to take a few more people on your wedding E-type journey.

E-types available for hire on BookAclassic

We have E-types available for hire all over the world and more and being added every week. Find out more about our collection here.

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