BookAclassic Guide: Vehicle Registration

Registering Your Vehicle

The below guide outlines the steps to register your vehicle to BookAclassic, use your Dashboard to update  your vehicle profiles and calendar. You can always check out our FAQ's for more information. 

Head to BookAclassic and click on 'List Your Car' to get started on the registration. 

When you are on the registration page, the first step is to create an account (Sign Up) or Log In if you have already created an account. 

Make sure you are registering your vehicle in the right country. In the first part of the registration, you will be asked to enter the basic information of your vehicle.
Note: the "Active period" is about whether your vehicle is available to book all year round or only during certain times (i.e. only in the summer period). 

You will then be able to upload photos of your vehicle. Make sure to upload good quality photos to show off your vehicle and their best angles! Add at least one photo with the whole vehicle in the shot to set as the main photo, and a few of the interior too.

You can then choose the types of hire you wish to offer, and set your prices. The prices you enter are used to calculate the total rental price for each booking request made on your vehicle. You can check out our handy BookAclassic Guide for Quote Calculations
Tip: You can have a look at similar cars in your area to get an idea of what prices to set.
Note: BookAclassic takes a 20% commission from the total rental price calculated using the prices you have entered. When you enter a price it will show you 'Your profit' underneath. 

Well done! You have registered your vehicle!
Our team will check through your registration to make sure everything is complete and you will get a confirmation email once it has been set it online ready to be booked.

You can access and edit your vehicle profiles, check your messages, booking requests etc. in your dashboardLog in to your account (top right) to access your dashboard.

Check out our handy BookAclassic Owner Dashboard Guide with handy tips on how to use your dashboard!

Register Your Vehicle