BookAclassic Guide: Quote Calculations

How It Works: Instant Quote Calculator

The price widget available on all car profiles allow users to calculate exact quotes and compare hire prices to facilitate the booking process.
3 Hire Types

When an owner registers their car, they choose the types of rental they want to offer: Chauffeured, Self Drive, and Commercial (Photo/Video Shoots). For the rental types selected, they are asked to enter hourly/minimum and daily rental rates.

When a customer uses the price widget on a car profile, it uses the prices entered by the owner to calculate the rental price, and a 10% BookAclassic Service Fee is added to this total.

Chauffeured Hire

When chauffeured hire is selected, you are prompted to enter the pick up location and the drop off location. The system will automatically calculate the total driving time: from the owner's address to the pick up location, the drive to the drop off location, and the drive back to the owner's address. You can then enter any 'extra time' needed on top of this, such as for photos etc.

If you have more than one stop for your event, simply enter your first stop as the drop off location, and add the time needed after the first stop in 'extra time' (make sure to include any waiting time as well as the driving time).

The system takes into consideration the average speed of the car, which is entered by the owner, so that the correct amount of time is calculated for for older, slower cars.

Commercial Hire

When booking for commercial hire (photo/video shoots etc), there are two options available: hourly rental or daily rental.

If hourly rental is selected, the system uses the hourly rate to the total time calculated (time needed at the event and time needed to deliver and pick up the vehicle).

If daily rental is selected, the system will use the daily rate entered per 24 hour period. The price of delivery is added, and is calculated by the time needed to deliver and pick up the vehicle, timed by the hourly rate).

Self Drive Hire 

Self drive hire is calculated using the daily rate entered per 24 hour period.

If a is a delivery rate is entered by the owner, then the option for delivery will be shown on a drop down menu. The delivery rate will be used for the distance calculated to drop off and pick up the vehicle.

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