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BookAclassic was founded in to help connect vintage car owners with people looking to rent a classic, vintage or retro car. We aim to make the whole process stress-free and enjoyable so that whatever your needs, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you will arrive at your destination in style.

Here at BookAclassic we take classic car rental to a whole new level by making renting a classic or vintage vehicle quick, simple and easy. We boast a clear pricing and booking system that allows you to choose when you want to rent a car and for how long. We are a truly global company, meaning you can choose to rent stunning cars all over the world. And there’s no need to worry about filling in lengthy and time-consuming forms filled with irrelevant questions, instead we provide you with all the information, including an instant price calculation for any car listed on the BookAclassic portal prior to booking. Our unique and seamless approach is designed to ensure you have the best possible experience when it comes to organising rental of your dream car – for whatever occasion – and ensure the whole process is smooth stress-free from the start, right up until the finish line.

Our dedication to the vintage car industry shines through with our extensive portfolio of cars. We boast the world’s most extensive database of classic and exotic cars, based on several continents around the globe. Whether it’s a Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Aston Martin or any other car your heart desires, we can almost guarantee we will have it on our books.

We have many years’ experience supplying cars for the film industry, music industry and for use as props on photoshoots. You can catch some of our stunning cars in Justin Bieber’s music video, as well as the commercial industry. So if you fancy getting behind the wheel and sitting where your favourite stars have, BookAclassic is for you.

We operate all over the world, including the United Kingdom, America, Europe, Australasia and Asia, but as a fast-growing company, we enter new countries every month and won’t stop until we add a little bit of vintage to every corner of the world.

Our motto is ‘Dreams are better in real-life’, so if you’ve ever dreamed of driving a vintage car for the weekend and leaving your stresses behind, turning heads by arriving at an event in a unique retro car or making that special day extra memorable, see how we can help match you to the perfect vehicle.

Make weddings extra special

Make your special day ‘pop’ and travel in luxury with a stunning vintage car!

Many couples nowadays choose to hire a classic or vintage car for their big day. Providing a sense of romance, sophistication or style, a classic car can complement wedding themes, make an unrivalled statement or add a little bit of luxury to one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives.

A white vintage Rolls Royce complete with elegant chauffeur will add a picturesque touch to the day and look stunning on photos for years to come, an American-style retro car will complement a 1950s themed wedding and let you drive off into the sunset in true Danny and Sandy-style, while a cute Fiat 500 from the days before they were one of the best-selling cars in the world will give a unique twist on a traditional day.

Whatever your needs, style or unique requirements for a vintage car for your special day, BookAclassic has you covered.

Make a statement at a private event

First impressions count, so why not invest a little time into your transport when attending a private or corporate event?

Whether you’ve decided to drive yourself or let someone else take the wheel, BookAclassic is able to match you and your needs to the perfect classic car and create a truly unforgettable experience while adding to the overall atmosphere.

If you’ve always wanted to sit in a piece of history and take a ride in a pre-war vehicle, put your foot down in a 1960s sporty number or channel your inner bond in an iconic Aston Martin, we can find the ideal classic car for your corporate or private party needs.

If you’ve decided to go down a more traditional route, you could choose to hire one of our luxury limousines. Available with chauffeurs, a limousine exudes luxury and makes sure you stand out for all the right reasons. We are also able to accommodate large groups in the form of vintage buses to ensure that parties get to their destination in style.

So whatever your corporate or private needs, we can ensure your needs are catered for.

Unique self-driving experiences

The retro look is definitely eye-catching. Growing in popularity, a retro vehicle really turns heads. Many car enthusiasts dream of owning their own classic or vintage car, but simply don’t have the chance. Hiring a classic car offers vintage car-lovers the chance to take their dream car for a spin. Through BookAclassic you can experience all the thrill and excitement of getting behind the wheel of a top quality car for as long as you wish!

Is your partner is a car enthusiast and always wanted to take a special car for a spin, is a relative celebrating a special birthday or has your vintage-loving friend just had some good news? A self-drive experience is the ultimate gift for petrol heads. You can choose how long they will have the car and when, so you can surprise them when they’re least expecting it!

Wherever you go, we go with you

If you’re jetting off on honeymoon, a special trip away or just an annual holiday but don’t want the same rental car as the next passenger, thanks to our global reach, you don’t have to! We can arrange to have your dream car waiting at the airport for you to land. So if you’ve always dreamed of throwing your cases into the back of a classic Jaguar E-type or starting your holiday in a vintage Mercedes complete with original leather seats and stereo, we can help start your getaway the right way.

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the biggest days of people’s lives. A time to celebrate love, a bond and families coming together with friends, many are now realising the benefits of getting married abroad as a way to save money and guarantee the weather. And if you’ve always imagined driving off into the sunset in a vintage vehicle, don’t think just because you’re getting hitched abroad that isn’t possible. We can arrange for you to have the car you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding. Whether it’s a quirky retro VW Beetle, an effortlessly cool 1960s Lamborghini or an elegant vintage Rolls Royce Phantom, we can ensure your wedding is everything you dreamed it would be.

And what’s more, by using BookAclassic, all booking details are confirmed in your native language, ensuring no details are missed and your day goes off without a hitch!

BookAclassic is part of the Share Economy movement, meaning our classic car owners want to share their passion for their classics with you. Search for your ideal car on our global database now.

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